Laminated Glass



Laminated glass is a form of safety glass whereby an interlayer is inserted between two or more panes of glass. The safety feature of the product is created by the bond and strength of the interlayer. The interlayer holds the entire glass pane together and, if broken, minimizes the likelihood of an object passing through the glass. Many applications require laminated safety glass when tempered safety glass is not sufficient. Overhead and sloped glazing are two such examples. There is a growing requirement for laminated glass to be used in balcony and railing applications. Laminated glass in doors and windows is also used to increase burglar resistance and often required in climates where hurricane resistance codes apply.

Due to the variety in the types and colours of interlayers available today, laminated glass is being widely used in interior applications. Laminated glass typically satisfies building codes but also adds a vast selection of options for decorative aesthetics. Not only will laminated interlayers help control the passage of UV light into an interior space, but they can also minimize sound transmission and customize the level of visible light transmittance.

Saand offers a variety of different interlayer types to suit various project needs. We offer custom laminated product, using both annealed and heat-treated glass substrates, as well as stock sheets for customers with cutting capability. Fabrication such as drilling, milling and edging is also available. Our product is certified with the Safety Glazing Certification Council.

Product Conforms to:

ANSI Z97.1 – American National Standard for Safety Glazing Materials Used in Buildings
CAN/CGSB 12.1-M90 – Canadian General Standards Board: Tempered or Laminated Safety Glass
ASTM C1172 – ASTM Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass


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