Painted Glass



Saand’s in-house ability to spray, roll coat, and curtain coat a variety of specialized glass coatings, including metallic colours, allow us to meet custom colour requirements. In addition, Saand has the ability to provide Glass Marker Boards which are made by applying a coating to the surface of glass. The opposite side of the painted side can be used as a writable surface. This product is available as standard or a magnetic. Glass marker boards can be used for office walls, within office furniture and on table tops.


Aqua Glass Spandrel Stock Sheets Marker Boards
Thickness 3mm – 19mm 3mm – 19mm 3mm – 6mm 4mm – 10mm
Minimum Sizes 12″ x 12″ 6″ x 15″ Call In 12″ x 12″
Maximum Sizes 57″ x 144″ 82″ x 142″ 100″ x 144″ 57″ x 144″
Colours Colour Matching Available Colour Matching Available Black and White Standard. Colour Matching Available Colour Matching Available

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