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What you see today is a result of 40 years of accumulated growth. We currently have over 300,000 square feet of production space and are constantly updating our technology to serve our customers better. We are proud of where we came from and are looking forward to where we’re going.



Mark Franklin and Hilton Berger founded Independent Mirror Industries – a start up mirror production facility on Brockport Drive in Toronto, Canada.

  • 65,000 square feet facility
  • Market evolved and new fabrication equipment was purchased to support the growth.
  • ISO Certification introduced as a commitment to process and quality


Acquire a minority interest in Triple Seal Ltd. Triple Seal (founded in 1973) is a fabricator of insulated glass units (IGUs) for commercial and residential applications as well as a re-distributor of flat glass products.

  • Independent Mirror and Triple Seal Ltd. share a building at the Brockport Drive location (Toronto)
  • Acquire an additional 70,000 square feet facility with the minority interest
  • Triple Seal establishes 2 regional branches – Eastern Float Glass in Ottawa and Southwest Glass Products in London Ontario. Each location has 40,000 square feet plants


Purchase all remaining shares of the Triple Seal Group thus expanding capabilities and increase production efficiency


Acquire 100% of the Guardian Rexdale plant (Toronto Canada), which adds an additional 110,000 square feet facility. In August, the entire organization is rebranded as Saand in order to unify branches and employees under one umbrella and to extend this look and feel to our customers and suppliers. 

Today we are known as Saand “The Glass Fabrication Company” this is what we do. We have the full complement of equipment and processes that make this possible. From the manufacture and fabrication of mirror and laminated glass to the assembly and sale of Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s). When it comes to glass products, we heat treat, cut, shape, polish, bevel, paint and decorate. Our goal is to continue on this path of controlled growth, looking for opportunities that will crystallize what we do and add value to the products, service and quality we provide our customers.

Core Values

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Create a safe work environment that is open and trust worthy

Focus on People

Define and live a culture of creating value for our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders

Focus on Customers

Make it easy for our customers to do business with us through process excellence, teamwork and collaboration

Enable Employees

Create an environment that engages employees through growth, ownership and challenge


Create and maintain a high level of expectations and standards throughout the company

New Situations

Be part of an organization that is agile, adaptive and open to change


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Sustainability is important to us at Saand and efforts are made everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. Our responsibility to the environment does not stop with supplying high performance building materials. It extends to our own internal efforts to minimize our impact on the community that we work and live in. Below is a highlight of some of our efforts.

Natural Gas:

Installation of high efficiency boilers and smart thermostats have resulted in savings of 136,000 cubic metres of natural gas annually.


Installation of high efficiency lighting, high efficiency air compressors, and air compressor curtailment have resulted in savings of 640,000 kWh of electricity annually.


Through increased efforts to divert materials from landfill, we have reduced our waste to landfill by 78%, resulting in a reduction of 1240 metric tons annually.


Installation of closed loop recycling systems and modern water filtration allow us to manage and reduce our water consumption.


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